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Speedball Baseball

From the 1940 edition of The Complete Book of Games by Clement Wood and Gloria Goddard:

“Speedball Baseball, introduced by the Department of Physical Education of Maryland, combines Baseball and Softball. The object is to complete five innings in a short time. Only four batters may face a pitcher in any inning. The inning ends when three players are out, or when the fourth batter makes a run, is forced out, or is put out by the ball reaching a base ahead of him. Unless he is put out at 1st base, runs driven in by the fourth batter score.

“Bases may be stolen, as soon as the pitcher moves his arm to pitch. Base runners may steal home, even on a throw from catcher to pitcher. Balks are called, as in Baseball. Bunting is permitted. If the bases are empty, a runner may run first to either 1st or 3rd base. When a player is given a base on balls by the umpire, this does not count as a player at bat. In all other respects, the Softball rules apply.”

This is Maryland's gift to sports. But who is playing Speedball Baseball today? A google search turned up no relevant hits.

I'd like to see this game played. It sounds like fun.

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February 2003